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Body Sattva  World of Rhythm

Visions of a ritual body     Burn and transform information through active physical expression

Life-structuring force – prana, chi, nutrition from the organic world – lives through our bodymind, our chakra system. Hence follows that one must organize the flow of it, in order to calm down a bit. Cyclic laws of activity and inactivity fill our bodies with energy, empower our nervous systems and internal organs, creating the need for expression. This workshop will reflect and work on the body in ritual and trance, enhance and stimulate inner progress, the training of mind, by trusting inner core.

                Workshop includes:

  • rhythm and movement: focus on West and North Africa, Cuba and the Caribbean
  • technology of rhythm: cyclic laws, patterns and dynamic contrasts
  • archetypes versus illusions of self: liberating the mind
  • yoga and meditation

Activate your cellular memory, your internal molecular structure known as mind. Bring forth material and tell stories unheard of, or at least seldom told in your life


Mahamudra: Woman transforming into elephant 

This ongoing performance project has grown out of necessity. It is experimental, contemporary and refuses external direction. The starting point, work process and outcome of it is both spiritual and natural: 

I believe democracy is happening within the sacred space of each human being. And sometimes it is necessary to rock n’ roll like hell to confirm that space.

Mahamudra is a Lila, a therapeutic ritual in the Moroccan gnaoua tradition. Traditionally, Lilas are organized in the house of a therapeutic healer/clairvoyant seer, but I have updated the trance contents and brought it out of the private sphere, in memory of the awakening in north Africa. Dear all lovers of democracy: human spring is a restless journey, please do not stay silent. Join the beduin ground forces and shake your energy alive.


”Our bodies are expressions of energetic fields of vibrations. From the pulse of our hearts to the rhythm of our breathing and the patterns of our speech, we are truly rhythmic beings. We are conceived to the pulse of our mother’s blood and born into a rhythmic world. We are continually influenced by the celestial cycles of the sun, the earth, the moon and the stars. Although we can never extricate ourselves from this rhythmic web, many of us find that modern life is unconnected to the rhythms of nature and we feel a deep yearning to be in rhythm once again.”                


Rita Bergkvist is a performer, teacher, clairvoyant and writer born in Sweden, in the arctic circle. Her northern roots combine with a lifetime of travelling, listening and learning, bringing together cool spirit of the north with warm rhythms from throughout the world. Her approach is holistic, combining dance with yoga, ritual art and innovative stage performance.

  • Dance studies: Barbados West Indies. Havanna Cuba, Santería/afrocuban ritual dancing. Various teachers from West Africa.
  • Yoga Teachers Training certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Nassau
  • Author of book ”I Röda Timmen”, based on clairvoyant studies between 1989-98
  • Widely travelled: Indonesia, India, Australia, Caribbean, West Africa, Morocco, USA, Europe, Lithuainia, Estonia


              Suggestion for Residency  Get in touch: rita@eternalreturn.se  




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